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At first glance, this book is a classic bad-guy-meets-good-girl love story. However, I must say that I became addicted to Beautiful Disaster after just a few chapters. Abby Abernathy, a cardigan-wearing freshman at a tiny college, meets Travis Maddox, whose job is fighting in an underground ring at their school. Travis is exactly the kind of guy Abby left home to avoid. However, it becomes more and more clear that Travis has no intentions of leaving Abby, or “Pigeon,” as he calls her, alone. As time goes on, she rapidly becomes immune to the instincts telling her that he’s bad news. Their turbulent friendship turns into a roller coaster of a love, but somehow they manage to keep each other in check. Over time, we also find out that Abby may not be as “good-girl” as the cardigans she wears. And when her gambling father finds her, Abby and Travis are pulled into his baggage, which could damage their relationship beyond repair.

Though Beautiful Disaster is a page-turner, it is fairly predictable. The novel is a beautiful story, told from the point of view of a broken young woman whose life is flipped upside down by a womanizer-turned-lovesick-protector. Their strangely addictive relationship will leave you wanting a Travis or an Abby, too.

I would recommend this book to anyone (probably over 16) that likes a good-old, young adult rocky romance novel.


Plot: 4/5

Language/Voice: 3/5

Characterization: 4/5

Readability: Easy

Overall Quality: 6/10