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Odd Thomas is an unconventional novel with a protagonist who lives up to his name. Dean Koontz has outdone himself with this sincere story about a simple man with the ability to see the dead. Odd Thomas is a fry cook in a small town, surrounded by a cast of wonderfully quirky and lovable friends, including Stormy Llewellyn, his believed soul mate and sidekick. Other interesting community members include a neighbor that needs Odd to tell her every morning that she is not invisible, Little Ozzie, who has six fingers, and even the late Elvis Presley himself. Odd is the only one born with this strange gift, and he uses it to aid the dead in their quest to finish business on Earth in order to move on. Life is certainly complicated for Odd Thomas, and becomes even more so when Bob Robertson moves to town, followed by black apparitions that sense when there will be bloodshed. As Odd investigates the frightening man, he becomes more and more suspicious of Robertson’s intentions for their quaint little town, and the events that unfold are anything but predictable.

The adventures of Odd Thomas – communicator of the afterlife, fry cook, and volunteer investigator – will make you fear to turn the page without the ability to stop yourself. Dean Koontz has created a character that anyone can relate to, because his secret thoughts are ours. Koontz really brings readers into the mind of Odd Thomas, and we are forced to connect to this character on a level that would normally be impossible for a fictitious person. Odd is original, beautiful, and individual, and his story will become your world.

The ending to this novel is brilliant and unforeseen (at least by me), and will leave you wanting more. The good news: there are sequels! The bad news: there will be violence (if you consider that bad news). Odd Thomas is not only a mystery/fantasy, but it includes a shade of reality that will make you sincerely believe in the world of Odd.

I would recommend this book those that enjoy mystery/crime novels, sad love stories, or quirky young people trying to find their place in the world.


Plot: 5/5

Language/Voice: 4/5

Characterization: 4/5

Readability: Moderate

Overall Quality: 8/10